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Meet Amanda


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Hi, I'm Amanda and I am a health and Wellness Coach, healthy ageing expert and Specialist Fitness Instructor. I am in my late 50's and now truly understand the importance of exercise, good nutrition, self care and being responsible for our health and  well-being. 

I believe that we should live life to the full as much as possible, that the decisions we now make determine our future health.  I think it is important to educate ourselves on our bodies and health, challenge our beliefs and habits and take more responsibility for changing the way we age.  We have more control than we think and we can have greater joy and well-being in our lives through small and simple changes.

I can help you with your challenges to stay fit and well for life. The classes I run are sociable, fun and friendly, they are low impact and can be done seated or standing. I will help to keep you motivated and to enjoy exercising. The classes are ideal for anyone over 60 and for all abilities.

My Vision

My mum died at the age of 65 of breast cancer.  She didn’t like getting old.  I remember her saying from the age of 50 or so, “don’t get old, its horrible”.   Her health had not been the best once she reached 50.  She suffered with depression and a lack of self esteem and confidence.  To me, it felt like She was like a butterfly who was trapped and maybe with the right support she would have learnt to fly.  She is my inspiration.   I want to be lucky enough to reach a good old age, and I don’t want to fear it, I want to have the longest and most amazing life.  I want to enjoy my older years, continue being active and able to do things I want to do.  I want the best of health so that I can stay mobile and independent and avoid or minimise my risk of getting any serious health conditions or illnesses.  I know that I also need to continue to make healthier lifestyle changes, to continue to learn, to cultivate strong social networks.  I am not perfect, I still have some habits I don’t like, but I have taken the steps in my programmes and I know they work, I know the difference they make.  The trick is quite simple, its taking small steps and being consistent, one day at a time.  The smallest changes do make the biggest difference.

I believe its never too late and you are never too old.  Live your life and forget your age!

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