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Keeping you fit, healthy and happy for life!

Bringing together an holistic approach to good health as we age including classes to keep you fit and active, personal health programmes and expert knowledge to ensure you live your life and forget your age!

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Hi, I’m Amanda

Specialist Fitness Instructor and Personal Health & Lifestyle Coach

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, healthy ageing expert and Specialist Fitness Instructor helping people over 60 stay fit for life. I am in my late 50's and fully understand the importance of exercise, good nutrition and self care so that as we age we maintain greater health and wellbeing and minimise our risk of health issues and ageing health conditions.

I believe that we should live life to the full as much as possible, that the decisions we now make determine our future health.  I think it is important to educate ourselves on our bodies and health, challenge our beliefs and habits and take more responsibility for changing the way we age.  We have more control than we think and we can have greater joy and well-being in our lives through small and simple changes.

I can help you with your challenges to stay fit and well for life. I offer personalised health and wellness programmes which can give you that kick start  you need to create healthier lifestyle changes, 
and if you would like to do more exercise and get fit for life, you can come along to the community classes I run or join in a live online class.


The classes I run are sociable, fun and friendly, they are low impact and can be done seated or standing. I will help to keep you motivated and to enjoy exercising. The classes are ideal for anyone over 60 and for all abilities.


Online & Community Classes

 ...for a Fitter,
Healthier & Happier You!

All classes are low impact and can be done seated or standing.  The exercises are specifically designed for over 60s and can be adapted depending on your ability giving an all round mix of flexibility, gentle aerobics, balance and strength.

Don’t exercise on your own, join either my live online or community classes and have fun exercising as a group.

For online classes all you need is a PC, laptop or ipad.  Support can be given to set up.


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I'm on YouTube 

Take a look at my Youtube channel and find free, useful and easy exercise videos to do in the comfort of your own home.

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